5 Best Encrypted VPNs Stay Protected

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The majority of VPN providers will offer 256-bit encryption or higher as standard practice when using their encrypted VPN service and allow you to freely swap and change your current encryption levels.

However it’s important to note that anything over 128-bit encryption is in some ways unnecessary due to the simple fact that 128-bit encryption has yet to be cracked by a brute force attack as there is simply not a supercomputer in the world with enough computing power to be able to crack this level of encryption with the estimate completion time sitting at around 100 years.

When you consider the above when looking into VPN encryption it’s easy to see that most VPN providers have got you covered when it comes to the level of encryption they provide on the service and that anything over the 128 bit encryption level is more of an extra to give you a higher level of security.

While all the bases may be covered once you’ve got your encrypted VPN up and running it’s important to remember that while it would take a long time to break your encryption this is surely only leaving anyone looking to get hold of your sensitive data with the direct approach which means keeping your eyes peeled for the things you are used to being aware of like malicious malware and key loggers that would look to find a way around your high level of encrypted security.

So let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the most popular encrypted VPN services around…


ExpressVPN is a stand out when it comes to VPN encryption and reliability as they have OpenVPN set as default which offers you a higher level of security from the get go. The default level of encryption is more than enough for most people’s needs allowing you to browse, download and stream while still maintaining a good level of speed.

The default OpenVPN they have set makes use of a staggering 4096-bit with SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) 512 for the authentication process with AES-256 bit CBC for streaming encryption. However you may still make use of L2TP and PPTP protocols if you require faster speeds and are less concerned about security.

ExpressVPN are currently based in the British Virgin Islands which means you have less concerns around data retention laws or local governments such as in the EU or US looking to break in and monitor activity over the encrypted connection.


  • Speed & Reliability
  • Server Choices
  • Security Options / Encryption Levels
  • Customer Support


  • Price (Rapidly Changing Price Can Leave Some Customers In The Dark)

Make use of the 30-day money back guarantee and give them a trial run by signing up below.

Visit ExpressVPN


With SwitchVPN they made the cut as they offer you 2048-bit and 1024-bit encryption using OpenVPN which is simply a staggering level of protection.

They also offer numerous connection protocols such as SST, L2TP and PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) which will give you a huge selection process which may be a bit intimidating the the first time VPN user but for advanced users this encrypted VPN means you can customise your VPN connection to suit the level of protection you require.


  • 24/7 Customer Support (Friendly Staff)
  • Huge selection of Encryption Protocols and Settings
  • Multi Platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux + PDA’s, iPhone, Android)
  • 99.9% Service Up-Time
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (Multi-Gigabit network)


  • Speeds can vary greatly depending on the connection protocol you choose
  • Connection log storage (Fine for beginners / Worth checking if you deal with highly sensitive connections/data)

Switch VPN is a seriously versatile VPN App if you have it at your disposal, so the fact they offer a 30-day Money back Guarantee means you can give them a risk trial run for 30 days and test the VPN’s capabilities with Unlimited Bandwidth.

Visit SwitchVPN


AirVPN is quite a nifty VPN provider based in Italy that proudly boasts of its creation in the wake of net neutrality laws and concerns. Having been created by hacktivists you can rest assured your privacy is the sole concern of the platform which is highly popular among advanced users who look to transfer sensitive information around the web.

Of course along with the more advanced users, there are still thousands of users who rely on this encrypted VPN to unblock websites, and protect them and their private information from harms way.

The speeds AirVPN can reach on any encrypted connection are mind boggling, so it’s a wonder why this service is not snapped up by a lot more users. They offer features such as VPN through TOR and offer bucket loads of advice on getting a connection to run smoothly whatever you are trying to do.

This encrypted VPN offers a whopping 4096-bit high level of security which is perfect if you are hooking up to a public wi-fi hotspot and don’t want anything eavesdropping on your data transfers.


  • Zero Logs (Your information is Safe!)
  • High level of Encryption
  • VPN through TOR
  • Port Forwarding + SSH/SSL Tunnelling
  • Accepts Bitcoin Payments
  • Evades VPN Blocks
  • 3 Simultaneous Device Connections
  • AirVPN website is a real VPN Resource!


  • Italy under European Jurisdiction (Not Ideal!)
  • Server selection smaller than most VPN providers
  • Some features and settings require high knowledge of VPN configurations (Not ideal for Beginners)

While AirVPN may challenge beginners this encrypted VPN really does give you a huge amount of tools and resources to do pretty much anything using a VPN. The VPN over TOR feature is a really good addition allowing you to add a further layer of protection to you browsing habits. While they do only offer a 3-day trial they are still very much worth a look if a high level of encryption is the top of your shopping list.

Visit AirVPN


CyberGhost VPN really is a stand out when it comes to the way in which they run the VPN service. They offer a free vpn service which allows any new user to simply sign up and start using their easy-to-use VPN apps on Windows, Mac and Smart phones.

The security CyberGhost has at their disposal is 256-bit AES encryption over OpenVPN as default which is also freely available in the free version which is quite mind boggling when you consider most other encrypted VPN providers charge high amounts for such a level of security.

Further security options include PPTP & L2TP which are obtaible but would require some know-how and the ability to sift through manuals to get everything setup. On this subject they do offer a reliable support ticket system which allows you to get help when configuring your connection to ensure you have the highest level of security.

The security with CyberGhost doesn’t only stop with the VPN but extends to areas like the payment process, in which they allow premium users to generate a unique ID that makes it harder to trace payments back to a certain individual. Adding this with the ability to pay with Bitcoin makes them a really secure option to go with.


  • Free version of the VPN client (Rarely Seen with most providers)
  • Great server choices and speeds
  • Plenty of Protocol choices and security features
  • Easy-to-use UI and Apps
  • Transparent Service (No logging)


  • Speeds can drop depending on Server selection
  • Limited amounts of websites or services block Cyberghost IP’s from connecting

It’s a surprise to see such a well established VPN provider offering a high quality and anonymous service even to it’s free users. As far as the encrypted VPN goes it ticks all the boxes for security and reliability while still staying in an obtainable range for beginners who have never used a VPN before to easily get started and secure their connection. As with other VPN provider for the subscription packages they offer a 30-day money back so you can be sure whether you choose to go paid or try the free version you are able to give them a good trial run before committing for the long term.

Visit CyberGhost


Read Our PureVPN Review!

PureVPN is impressive from the get go, from it’s easy-to-use and transparent website to it’s even easier to use VPN app’s that will quickly have you protected with a high level of encryption. PureVPN has an ever-growing customer base of users from beginners to advanced users who use the service daily to unblock specific websites or streaming services, or use while travelling to get around blocks imposed on certain websites.

PureVPN makes our top 5 encrypted VPN’s based in most part on the fact they offer a whole host of different connection protocols such as PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP/SSL with 128-bit encryption. Also while it is not mentioned in some areas of the website or packages they also offer OpenVPN which is a good option for overall security.

This encrypted VPN provider also take your privacy very seriously and clearly state in the “privacy policy” that under no circumstances would logs be kept unless (in the unlikely event you are specifically targeted) they are required to do so directly by law enforcement.


  • Super easy-to-install VPN apps for multiple devices
  • A great service for first time VPN users
  • Excellent round-the-clock support
  • Good protocol selections along with OpenVPN


  • Pricing can vary (Be sure to pick the right package $/month)
  • Not Zero logging if you take into account the privacy policy

Overall PureVPN sits highly on the top encrypted VPN list solely because it’s a superb VPN app for beginners to get started out, who are also looking to incur a smaller $/month than some other high end and better established providers out there. Rest assured however PureVPN is quickly on the rise with it’s great support and forum that takes what users say on board and quickly implements any changes they want to see for the service. They also have in place the 30-day money back guarantee which like the others above means you can simply try them out for 30 days and see what kinds of things you can do with the service like unblocking websites and securing your sensitive data.

Visit PureVPN


So taking into account this list of the Top 5 Encrpted VPN’s out there we can see that for the most part nearly every service offers a good level of encrypted to ensure you are able to hide your IP and protect your data transfers across the web. Encryption can play a huge part in the service you opt to go for in the long run, however other factors like customer support and price can play a big role in your decision making especially if you are planning to be with them for a long time.  If you are actively looking for a VPN provider to go with it might be worth taking a look at our post about the 10 Features to look for in a VPN as this will give you further insight in the kinds of areas you should be looking at before committing to a subscription package.

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