Does Water Burn Fat and Other Benefits                                       

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Why water is important

When I exercise whether it is one of my favorite workouts: T-Tapp, Oyxicse, or rebounding, I drink water. I sip on it and do not guzzle it down. I just make sure I drink it throughout the day. Why? Because I get a headache and become very tired if I do not drink enough water.

Without water, we risk becoming dehydrated. Our body is 70% water.

Waters role in burning fat

Drinking water gets yours kidneys working. If you are not drinking enough water, your kidneys slow down and your liver has to take up the slack. Your liver is what helps your body burn stored fat for energy, but if you are not drinking enough water, then the liver has to take on the kidneys job, too. That means the liver doest function to full capacity, so this causes you to store more fat.

Does Water really help burn fat?

According to WebMD, water keeps you slimmer. Drinking water before a meal keeps you from overeating. Water helps lubricate our joints and prevent muscle cramping. When we are well hydrated, we can exercise longer without hitting a wall.

Does temperature matter?

There are studies that have reported drinking ice cold water actually helps you burn calories. The reason is that our fat calories burn to bring the temperature of the cold water to our normal body temperature, 98.6.15 calories has to burn for every 16 ounces of cold water you drink to get your to normal body temperature. Water has no calories. Water helps nourish our skin and helps us to have less wrinkles, because it plumps up our skin cells.

Other points about water

I have the book The Oxygen Breakthrough by Dr. Sheldon Hendler.  He writes that our brain are 80% water. Our blood is slighting thicker than water and it is made up of 85% water. Dr. Hendler also writes that it is in water that oxygen is carried to our cells to create energy.

As we age, our thirst diminishes and we drink less water. Dr. Hendler says he has seen amazing rejuvenation in the elderly when they get in their optimal doses of water. Some need to double or triple their water intake. If they dehydrate, it acutely alters their mental states. I have seen this in my own mother. She rarely drinks water.

Senior woman with glass of drinking water

My son was never a juice drinker as a child. Even today he always keeps a case of water in his bedroom. He occasionally has a soda. He has been like that since he was little so, for me, he is a good influence. He stays well.

Any comments and questions are welcome. I plan on doing more research on water for future posts. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.