Healthy Eating On A Budget

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In contrast to common perception, healthy eating doesn’t need to inflict damage to your pocket book.   In difficult economic times, a lot of people are inclined to choose the “cheapest” meal options and quite often these choices are far from healthy.
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Recently my spouse and i placed ourselves on a serious “budget” and naturally this meant a “food budget” as well.

Underneath are the basic actions we took to continue to live our healthy life style while saving a few bucks along the way.

1.    We substantially cut down on dining out.  It’s actually alarming to find out just how much you are truly spending by purchasing a quick pizza and ordering quick take out once in a while.  What we typically do not recognize is that every once in a while is a lot more often than we presume.   We’re now preparing food at home a lot more and finding fast, simple and tasty recipes that cost very little when made at home.  Now we’re no culinary chefs by any means but it’s actually remarkable what you are able to put together in 20 minutes or less by simply getting a little creative and seeking out new recipes.

2.    My hubby is now taking his lunch.  Truth be told, I pack it for him.  I frequently take leftovers from the previous night and put them together in a salad or simply a sandwich.  He was shelling out typically $7-$10 every day on lunch and taking his lunch alternatively will save us more than $280 monthly.

3.    Bargain shop.  I’ve become a master of seeking out the sale.  I know which supermarkets will place their vegatables and fruits on discount sales and where I’m able to get the very best bargains.  When the weather permits, I usually visit the local farmers markets to get fresh vegatables and fruits.  You will not only save a lot of cash at a farmers market, the produce is fresh and tasty.

4.    We have now learned to enjoy and embrace leftovers.  It is really amazing what you’re able to do with leftovers when you get a bit creative.  Do not let food go to waste.  Use leftovers from the previous night for lunch or re-heat for supper.

5.    Eliminate the costly junk food.  It is surprising how pricey cereal, crackers and packaged snack foods are.  You can get 10x’s more for the money and value by purchasing plain oatmeal, making your own breads, and snacking on fresh fruits.

Healthy eating doesn’t need to break your budget.  Discover good deals, learn how to embrace cooking and find out the power of the leftover and you’ll be on the right track to a healthy, cost-effective eating plan.