L-carnitine weight loss

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Looking at l-carnitine weight loss along with its many other benefits, we can see that it is more than just dieting supplement.  When used correctly, supplements can be good for you and for weight loss in general, but a supplement should be just that, something that supplements what you are already doing to lose weight.

Carnitine in its natural form is a chemical created by the liver and kidneys.  The main purpose is to assist moving fatty acids to the muscles in the body, essentially give them the required energy to function.

If exercise is part of your weight loss program, as it should, then l-carnitine will also help your muscle tissue recover quickly after a hard workout.  Of course, the chemical is also responsible for giving you the energy to work harder in the gym in the first place, so you receive double the benefit.

It is also said that the naturally occurring chemical acts as an anti-oxidant which helps remove impurities from the body, and help the blood flow more freely to the muscles and vital organs.

So, how does it actually help you lose weight?  Firstly, the supplement directly helps the fat burning process of the body, which has obvious weight loss benefits.  It also gives you the added energy needed for exercise, and can even increase the strength of your muscles.

The chemical also acts to a degree as a hunger suppressant, allowing you to go longer between meals without the temptation of snacking of fatty foods.  It also helps reduce the risk of liver damage, diabetes and cardiovascular related diseases.

If you are doing a lot of exercise, then the body will use up the carnitine in your body relatively quickly, this is why you need to consider taking it as a supplement if you are on an extended exercise program.  If you are not getting enough carnitine, then you can feel weak and not have the ‘get up and go’ to workout.

If you are looking for ways to get the chemical more naturally from foods rather than supplements, then you can eat more red meat such as beef steaks and mince, pork and also some fish like cod for example.  It is also present in dairy products such as milk and cheese.  Bear in mind though that some of these foods can be high in fat in their own right, so exercise the golden rule of ‘everything in moderation’.

L-carnitine weight loss will be more successful if done in conjunction with healthy eating but more importantly, with exercise, as the main benefit of the chemical is in giving you more energy to work out, and to help replenish your muscles for the next session.