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Internet radio allows listeners to tune in from any device with an internet connection. These stations typically feature a wide variety of shows. Some are focused on particular genres, such as German techno or true Jamaican reggae. Others mix music with advocacy messages.

Breakfast is a peak switch-on time so light content will energize audiences as they prepare for their day. Streaming also removes geographic limitations, meaning a station in Kuala Lumpur can be heard in Kansas.

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Internet radio is streaming audio that can be accessed on any device that has access to the internet. It can be streamed in real time or it may be a recording of a previous broadcast. It can also be a combination of both, as some traditional AM and FM stations simulcast their programming on the internet.

In the early 1990s, internet radio got a deserved bad rap for poor sound quality compared to AM radio. Lossy digital compression schemes like MP3 lowered audio bit rates to the point that songs lost their souls as they were squeezed through the modest data pipes available to private internet users at that time.

An internet radio station consists of five components: an audio source, an audio processor, an encoder, a server and a means of delivery. Most online radio stations are based on professional-grade streaming servers and offer adaptive bitrate streaming for optimal performance for all listeners. They also offer a variety of features that make them more convenient for listeners, such as the ability to share content and bookmark favorite stations.


Stream the networks you trust, all in one app, including CNN, MSNBC, FOX News Radio, NPR, BBC, and more. Find top news podcasts like The Daily and NPR’s Up First, plus local sports radio. Get live NFL, MLB, NBA, College Sports, and Racing games, as well as your favorite local sports talk shows.

The quality of internet radio streams continues to improve as bandwidth becomes cheaper. Today, most stations stream between 64 kbit/s and 128 kbit/s, giving them near CD-quality audio.

Internet radio is a great way to listen to music from around the world. For example, Boiler Room co-creator Femi Adeyemi’s NTS Radio offers a massive selection of eclectic music, from Thurston Moore to Gilles Peterson to Peanut Butter Wolf to Floating Points. It’s also a great way to reach end users that would otherwise not be able to access your content. It can be accessed on any Wi-Fi-connected device, such as a smartphone or car radio with built-in internet radio.


Despite the decline of traditional radio, Internet-based radio continues to grow. In fact, online radio has overtaken over-the-air radio in terms of revenue. In addition, many people who live in areas with weak radio signals find that streaming services like Pandora and Spotify work well for them. Many of these radio platforms are free from commercials. Some of them also focus on specific genres of music. For example, Cinemix is a New York-based station that plays only the best theme songs from famous movies.

Another advantage of internet radio is that it can reach listeners worldwide. This is particularly useful for people who are traveling or feeling homesick. A web radio station can even mix music with advocacy messages, such as Zero24-7, which mixes progressive music with environmental advocacy. It is also easier and less expensive to create an online radio than a terrestrial radio station. In addition, it is easier to reach end-users using a mobile phone or in-car Wi-Fi.


The booming popularity of online radio doesn’t mean tried-and-true technology is going out of style. Instead, the growing number of “smart” communication devices like smart phones, tablets and smart TVs offer new opportunities for broadcasters to reach end-users with digital audio.

With no geographic limitations, online radio allows users to access a wide selection of content. From German techno to true Jamaican reggae, there’s an Internet radio station out there for everyone. Even major broadcasters like the BBC have jumped on the online radio bandwagon, offering unique, international programming.

Internet radio is also not limited to merely audio, with many stations incorporating photos or graphics and text as well as interactivity like message boards and chat rooms. This opens the door for advertisers to connect with listeners in new ways, such as when a radio broadcaster who hears an advertisement for a computer printer orders that printer through a link on the station’s Internet radio Web site.

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